Expeditions: RomE OUT NOW!

Expeditions: Rome is out now – for more information on the game and Thomas’s Score click here

Thomas Farnon

British Composer Thomas Farnon writes music for film TV and Games as well as releasing CommercIal albums which to date, have gone on to be streamed over 15 million times.

Upcoming projects include Uzo Oleh’s Edicius and THQ’s Expeditions: Rome. You can listen to some Highlighted works below and explore all of Thomas’s Film projects Here.


  • Transcendence from 'Reverie' 00:00
  • I Will Try from 'Solace' 00:00
  • A From 'A' 00:00
  • Thrinos from 'Edicius' 00:00
  • Flashpoint from 'One Man and His Shoes' 00:00
  • Rome from "Expeditions: Rome" 00:00
  • Stampede from 'The Legend of Tarzan' 00:00
  • The Beach from 'Warrior Women' 00:00
  • Opium from 'Solace' 00:00
  • Visit from Mummy from 'The Crown' 00:00
  • Lightning Strikes from 'Wonder Women' 00:00
  • Rescue Continues from 'Hacksaw Ridge' 00:00
  • Masquerade from 'Reverie' 00:00
  • Protest from 'ILHL' 00:00
  • Paradisium from 'Solace' 00:00
  • Bithynia from 'Expeditions: Rome' 00:00