• Paradox 00:00
  • Sleep 00:00
  • Transcendence 00:00
  • Masquerade 00:00
  • Ritornello 00:00
  • Somewhere Sad 00:00
  • Those With Someone 00:00
  • Hourglass 00:00
  • Mirrors 00:00
  • Reverie 00:00


Reverie is the second studio album by composer Thomas Farnon. The 10-track album is a cinematic explosion of colour drawn and inspired by dreaming. The spellbinding masterpiece is emotionally striking and was recorded, mixed and mastered at AIR Studios in November 2018. Conducted by Mike MacLennan, Reverie features a large string orchestra augmented by six soloists including Andy Massey, Peter Gregson, John Mills and Caroline Dale. Leading tracks from the album include impassioned ‘Transcendence’ and the multi-layered ‘Sleep’.

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Behind the Music

Take yourself behind the scenes at AIR Studios during the recording of Thomas Farnon’s album ‘Reverie’. Recorded 8th November 2018.